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Singing Telegram HEART


ALSO GOOD FOR THE LOVE THEME  (ANNIVERSARIES, I LOVE YOU’s, AND FORGIVE ME’s, WEDDING PROPOSALS, WE’RE PREGNANT, ETC. ETC.) BUT ALSO FOR LOVED ONES.  A ‘KINDER GENTLER’ ACT…. ITS A LITTLE LESS EMBARRASSING FOR SOMEONE TO STAND NEXT TO US WHILE IN THIS GETUP… IS GOOD FOR NOT ONLY FOR  THE LOVE THEME… BUT FOR LOVED ONES ON BIRTHDAYS LIKE ELDERLY AUNTS, UNCLES, GRANDPA’S AND GRANDMA’S      etc. etc.     Imagine a heart costume with 2 holes in it for the hands and a bigger hole for the performers face to stick out of.  We actually had to make these hearts smaller than our old ones due to problems with ceiling fans.  We would also recommend the Giant Cupid if you are considering this for an I love you.

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